Anhui Yifu Construction Engineering Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2011 with a registered capital of 30 million. It is a large-scale architectural decoration enterprise that integrates the design and construction of buildings, municipalities and other related projects with the design and decoration of residential buildings, curtain walls and large public buildings as the main body. The company has the national certification of “Building Interior Decoration and Curtain Wall Engineering Design and Construction Management Level Qualification”. It has a number of sub-brands such as “Shibuya Space Design”, “Yiyi One Soft Pack” and  “Fangke Information Technology”. It has become the most influential enterprise in Anhui Province and a well-known architectural decoration engineering enterprise in Anhui Province.

Our business scope:

Large-scale public building sector: The company serves a wide range of business areas such as “a wide range of real estate design and decoration”, “urban commercial complex” and “hotel entertainment”. The company's business covers the design, construction and management of interior decoration, building curtain wall, landscape greening, and building intelligence.

Our management:

We adopt a flat management model of project management and functional management, internally implement standardized construction management processes, and adopt advanced project management and operation systems to manage the whole process of project operation, greatly improving the efficiency of remote management and paying attention to the selection and training of talents. The internal promotion mechanism makes the employees have a strong sense of belonging.