Hefei Fangke Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that is positioned to provide high-tech technical support services for enterprises. The company is located in Jiaqiao International Plaza, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and has an enterprise technology research and development center in South China University of Technology.

Based on the concept of “smart technology, changing life”, the company relies on its strong technical research and development strength, and cooperates with the Internet + big data trend to provide intelligent integrated solutions in the fields of manufacturing, life service, industry management, government affairs, and e-commerce.

The company is committed to "IoT Life" and has cooperated with many local enterprises to provide business scope:

1 , Basic scientific research in engineering and technology;

2 , Intelligent control technology system research and development, sales and technical services;

3 , technology development in the field of network technology;

4 , design, construction, operation and technical services of intelligent service platforms;

5 , Intelligent building community commercial operation platform, comprehensive property management platform, research and implementation of property collaborative management platform;

6 , big data collection, analysis, processing and application;

7 , collection, processing, transmission, application and service of multimedia data;

8 , building intelligent system integration and product sales;

9 , Self-operated and agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies; and other intelligent technology product customization services.

The company is committed to building a smart integrated technology solution provider for the future. The company adheres to the spirit of "Technology Focus, Future Life", adheres to technology and product innovation, accelerates the transformation and upgrading to intelligence and information, and realizes corporate value and customer value. The common growth.