Jefferson Group Intellectual Business Holds Launch Ceremony

Publish date:2019-07-31 Views:776

Recently, Jardine's launch ceremony with Zhongxu Zhihe Business School.

In an interview, the general manager of Jardine's Group made a meaningful interpretation of the question of why the Zhihe Business School was established. He believes that the Jardines Group was founded in 2011 and has dozens of subsidiaries and a team of several hundred people. Our company has been in a leading position. He himself loves to study, and often travels across the country to receive training in various management courses. He feels that he has benefited a lot, and has greatly improved corporate management, corporate performance and performance. The original intention of establishing [Zhihe Business School Yifu Group Anhui Branch] was to hope that all employees can learn more knowledge here and the company can be greatly improved.