I have confirmed that my eyes are people who want to fight together!

Publish date:2019-08-31 Views:1477

"Sorry, your summer vacation balance is exhausted and cannot be recharged."

In a blink of an eye, the summer vacation had passed, and it was another year of the school season. It was time to go back to school.

The new semester, the new environment, is another new challenge,

The beginning of the school season means that we will face a bunch of new problems.

As students, whether we can adapt to the teaching of the new semester, we will worry about whether we can concentrate in time and focus on learning, and we also look forward to learning to a higher level.

What about employees? We will inevitably have "work phobia", a lot of work, increased work pressure, and irrational planning of working hours, etc., which make us deeply anxious inside, coupled with the youth's inadvertent passing, a sense of "lost time" is born. We are looking for a meaningful way to work for Jardines' future.